Project Agreement Terms & Conditions

PROJECT SCOPE & CONSULTATION: Your project will be prepared based on information provided during your phone or in-person interview appointment with ResumeStream Media. Follow up editing are done over the phone or through email.

PROOFREADING: Clients receive proofreading and review instructions with emailed or draft copy and are asked to check all data for accuracy and completeness. If corrections are needed, clients are asked to forward them via phone or e-mail. If ResumeStream Media makes an error after emailing of the final draft, client has up to 30 days after to notify ResumeStream Media and a revised copy will be emailed at no cost to the client. ResumeStream Media is not responsible for omissions made on behalf of client or incorrect information. Client is advised to check all dates and correct spellings. ResumeStream Media is not liable for false statements provided by a client and used in a resume application. During the proofreading session the client is expected to review all material thoroughly. Electronic changes are granted without charge until 15 days after date of final return and then are $5 per change afterwards.

REVISIONS: Up to six sets of revisions (based on original material provided) are included in the quoted fee. If you wish to make discretionary revisions or more than six sets of revisions, additional writing, rework and/or consultation fees may apply ($15 minimum charge). Revisions made after final date of document return are subject to charge.

ELECTRONIC FILES: ResumeStream Media cannot guarantee the compatibility of computer files with client systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features.   ResumeStream Media does not provide technical support on document formatting and cannot guarantee system compatibility or the successful transfer of formatting features.

PAYMENT & REFUND POLICIES: Payment is accepted via credit/debit card or check and due after your needs analysis session (interview) with your resume writer.  Refunds for resume writing services are given less a 25% research and consultation fee. Fees are not refundable if edits are submitted or you sign off with approval on your resume. Approval of copy must be sent in writing or phone in order for your resume to be considered finalized.  Client must  submit edits within 20 days. You must state that you are unhappy and request a refund within two days (48 hours) of receiving your first draft. Fees for resume rush service, priority service, resume preparation, in-person meetings, resume updates and 24-hour rush services are NON – REFUNDABLE. If edits are submitted, it is understood that the client is pleased with the draft and wants to proceed with proofreading. Checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged a $35.00 return check fee. Payment is for resume writing and/or cover letter and/or LinkedIn profile development services only. We make no express of implied guarantees of employment. Your marketing and qualifying for your interview is solely your responsibility. ResumeStream Media will provide you a high-quality document representing your candidacy, but it is up to you to secure a position with a company.

PROJECT TIMELINE: Unless other arrangements are made, resume drafts are completed within 3-7 business days from phone interview with the first day of counting beginning the day after your interview, official holidays are not counted as business days. Resume packages are completed within 30 days depending on how long it takes to receive all information from our clients. Resume postings are done over the course of 30-45 days depending on the search. If a client does not respond to a resume draft within 30 days your package will be considered complete and void of any refunds or further editing obligations.

APPROVALS: All approvals are agreed upon to between ResumeStream Media and the client only, not third-parties.

Second opinions from other CPRWs or other career management specialists with active credentials in good standing can be considered.

Please contact us at 1-631-664-0983 or email us at should you have any questions.

Posted 10/1/2015