Read our rapidly growing list of customer testimonials and references from highly satisfied clients who have looked to ResumeStream Media for career management guidance.

Resumes, Cover Letter Development and LinkedIn Optimizations

Robert S.
Electrical Engineering Project Management, Global Aviation
New York, N.Y.

Hello Doug, just wanted to check in and say thanks again for helping me update my resume a few years ago.  It helped me get hired at a global aviation company.

Just recently I was promoted to an Engineering Program Manager position.  My salary had increased +53% in just under 4 years since I left my previous job and I am in a leadership development program for people who have been identified to be moving up to management level positions in the next few years.

Thank you for helping me get my foot in the door at a Fortune 100 company, it has completely changed my career.

Scott R.
Executive Vice President, Global Advertising
New York, NY

I’m now getting a little more active in my job search.  As a result, I wanted to run my resume by an old friend who used to work in HR. I figured the only thing you were missing was actual experience in my area of the business, so it was worth putting another pair of eyes on it. You’ll be happy to know that I received this feedback:

“In a word…fantastic. Whoever did this was able to show the “impact” of your career and not just your job responsibilities.”

“I wouldn’t change a thing on it at this point. It is strong enough to represent you on it’s own, which is something that many resumes can’t.”

Thanks again Doug for your help and guidance through that process.

Andrew L.
Financial Services Associate
Charlotte, NC

Working with Doug from ResumeStream was a pleasure. My resume really needed improvement and finding the right job became a tough challenge. Doug showed me how to display my strengths to employers and how to target the jobs best suited to my background. Doug is very down to earth. That being said, he could relate on several issues and bring out the best in me. If you’re looking to stand out in any profession, Doug from ResumeStream Media is your guy!

Beth S.
Field Marketing Manager
Stroudsburg, PA

Doug from ResumeStream Media provided an outstanding service to me when I worked with him to craft a specifically targeted resume and cover letter. His 25 years of management experience, expertise in brand marketing and strategy and knowledge of hiring practices serves him well in this role.

I have known Doug since 2004 when I was fortunate to work with him at CA Technologies. I knew I could count on Doug to make this a positive and fun process that resulted in an excellent product, and of course, he delivered.

His knowledge of hiring practices, excellent communication skills, upbeat and energetic attitude really made me feel confident and at ease during this uncertain time in my life. Doug was also extremely responsive, a great listener, and flexible during the entire process.

Jason W.
Senior Marketing Manager, Mid-Market Technology
Garland, TX

Doug from ResumeStream Media does more than craft a resume. He takes the time to talk with you to better understand what you are trying to accomplish in your career.

Once he has that down, he creates a resume that’s specifically geared toward helping you make the next steps in your career even if it’s stepping into a new one. He’s quick, courteous and always professional.

I’m a senior marketing writer and I wouldn’t turn to anyone else to help me craft a better resume.

Kristina T.
Senior Marketing Programs Manager, Enterprise Technology
Tampa, FL

Doug from ResumeStream Media has an amazing skill set working with people, crafting a narrative and offering very speedy delivery!

I had been at the same company for 10+ years and needed help revitalizing my resume and brand.  Thank goodness I found Doug, we worked together and within a day or two, he had delivered a fantastic resume. Worth every penny!

Robert S.
Electrical Engineer
Islip Terrace, N.Y.

I would like to take a moment to thank Doug from ResumeStream Media.

I had been looking for a new job for quite some time without any success at all.  I contacted Doug and he took the time to review my old resume and cover letter which I hadn’t needed to use in over 10 years and made a lot of corrections and suggestions for improvement.

He also showed me some sample resumes and cover letters for more ideas.  Using these improvements to my resume and cover letter, I have obtained a new engineering position with a global company with a significant increase in salary over my previous position.

Thank you Doug!

John B. 
Construction Operations Supervisor
Oradell, N..J.

I feel it very necessary to update you on the results that your company Resume Stream Media most recently provided me. Written below is a Testimonial to what you and you’re company did for me, for anyone that ended up in the same situation as I did.

So here you go.

Never thinking that I would at the age of 54 , I would find myself unemployed after being promoted through the ranks at the same construction company over a 16 year period. I started as a Finish Carpenter then to Site Super / Project Manager then promoted once again to Director of Special Projects. all of these promotions came with pay increases and other benefits.

Needless to say life was good until the bomb was dropped and I was let go from a company that I thought that I would retire from.

With my work background strictly being that in the construction industry since Trade School at the age of 14. I thought that all was lost.

Through a friend who told me of your company, I reached out to Doug who asked me to send  my previous resume.  Doug was able to dust off this ancient coffee-stained artifact, polish it off and restructure it into the language that people in my industry could clearly understand.

I am very happy to say that after a brief stint of unemployment , I am once again gainfully employed in the only industry that I have always worked in.

So not just from me, but from my family as well, many thanks to Douglas Wald of Resume Stream Media, as his talents extend far beyond that of just resume reconstruction, he also lended tremendous compassion and support to me and my family during that period of jobless anxiety that we experienced together.

Thanks again Doug , wishing you nothing but continued success!

Michael G.
Chief Operating Officer, Not-for-Profit Organizations
Sydney, Australia and New York, N.Y.

I recently migrated to the U.S.A. and needed my resume adapted for the U.S. marketplace. I was immediately struck by Doug from ResumeStream’s global experience, his professional approach, succinct communication style and genuine enthusiasm to assist me.

The results – 3 interviews in the first week.

That’s impressive. I couldn’t recommend a service that’s better.

Charlie M.
Global Head of Technology and General Manager
Multi-national Corporate Real Estate Development Firm
Chester, N.J.

I had the opportunity to work with Doug from ResumeStream Media based on a recommendation from a friend.  I was absolutely impressed with his responsiveness and professionalism.  I enjoyed the experience and feel that my resume is fresh and relevant.  Great working with you!

Daniel G.
Chief Financial Officer
New Canaan, CT

I’ve been struggling with cover letters for awhile.  A professional outplacement firm created one for me over a year ago, but it was very generic and was a one-size fits all approach.

When applying for positions I would try to modify it to the specific role, but was never completely satisfied with the end result.

On a recommendation I contacted Doug Wald at ResumeStream Media.  I forwarded him my resume along with three opportunities to which I was interested in applying.

Within several hours, I had three professionally crafted cover letters that highlighted my qualifications as they pertained the each specific opportunity.  The result was a cover letter I was proud to attach to my resume when applying.

I would recommend ResumeStream Media to anyone looking for professional output with a personal touch that is so lacking in large outplacement or executive placement firms.  They have a whole suite of product offerings to make anyone’s job search more fulfilling and satisfying.  If I require further services, my first call will be to ResumeStream Media!

Tina D.
IT Project Manager and Scrum Master, Leading Healthcare Provider
Kings Park, N.Y.

Here is a conversation between myself and Doug from ResumeStream Media.

Me: “I am struggling with making myself stand out on paper, particularly in outlining my professional successes when I’m not feeling very successful right now.”

Doug: “Provide me with your current resume and some sample job openings you would be interested in.”

 In less than three days, I was completely blown away with the resume that Doug wrote for me.

My successes were highlighted exactly how they occurred, making me proud of myself again!  He was also spot-on in succinctly delivering my areas of knowledge and expertise.

Thank you Doug and ResumeStream Media for a tremendous job!

Barbara B.
Public Policy Advisor and Environmental Advocate
Jamesport, N.Y.

Having spent most of my career in public service, I found myself in need of repackaging as I attempted to transition to the private sector. I knew the same old tools and approach were not going to prove successful, so I sought the help of a professional – enter Doug from ResumeStream Media.

After reviewing my work experience, he knew exactly how to update and present my credentials. He was able to identify and highlight key aspects of my qualifications and re­write them clearly and concisely. I found him to be professional, personable, thorough and very responsive.

Thank you Doug!

Stacie A.
Senior Marketing Campaigns Program Manager
Santa Monica, CA

I was excited to get started with Doug from ResumeStream Media!

My resume had been idle for about 8 years. He gave it new life and really honed in on some key value statements.

Coupled with a great cover letter and lightning fast turnaround, I am now armed and looking forward to get back out there!

John D.
Senior Director, Application Development
Rockville Centre, N.Y.

I have worked with Doug at another company and always respected his knowledge and professionalism. When I reached out to him via LinkedIn. We had a quick call and the next day I sent him copy of my old resume and within a day he had crafted a professional one.

We exchanged some notes and within 48 hours, I had exactly what I need to apply for new positions.

I highly recommend Doug to anyone who needs a professional who understands what companies are looking for in the recruiting process.

Mark L.
Senior Services Solutions Executive
Massapequa, N.Y.

I have known Doug since 1992 and was very impressed with the work he did for me with ResumeStream. Having a resume that gets attention needs fresh perspective, even with the smallest details.  This is something that Doug pays attention to.

Doug turned around quality work very quickly for which I was very appreciative of. He is also a great guy with a great sense of humor and absolutely great business sense and insights. I highly recommend him.

Steve G.
Senior Vice President, Sales, Operations and Investor Relations
Tampa, FL

Although I have known Doug from ResumeStream Media for over 20 years, we hadn’t been in touch for quite some time until I learned he was opening his own career management firm.

I reached out to see if he can help me, and after several engaging conversations where he took the time to learn more about my latest background, depth of experience and strategic career goals, he was able to translate my needs and objectives into a clean, comprehensive resume that strengthened my brand and accentuated my core skills and performance highlights that recruiters and hiring managers and business associates regularly look for.

Doug is highly responsive, engaging and a very good career management partner, he was able to provide me a quality solution very quickly. The bottom line is that I felt he added a tremendous value and it was a pleasure to my surprise to go through this process because of his professionalism and expertise.

Krista W.
Head of Corporate Affairs, Global Technology
Piscataway, N.J.

Doug from ResumeStream Media did an outstanding job transitioning my resume from the legacy, more traditional model to a more succinct, professional profile that better targets today’s extremely busy recruiting professionals and hiring managers.  I have worked in the Telecommunications industry for 20+ years as a hiring manager and also worked in human resources for several years, so I know a good resume from a substandard one.

He literally transformed my resume in less than 24 hours, I am extremely pleased with his professionalism, courtesy, speed and quality.  I would highly recommend ResumeStream Media to anyone looking to advance their personal and professional endeavors.

Bene C.
Global Director of Communications 

Somerville, MA

I moved from Europe under my company relocation program and had never thought about resume localization to better fit with the U.S. market.

When the time came, I was struggling to find the right angles and highlights to make my resume efficient and clear to answer the U.S. recruitment market dynamism and rules.

Doug from ResumeStream Media was easy to work with, he understood more than fast who I am and what I was looking for.  He customized my new US-oriented resume within a few days, which made my job research easy and quick.

I feel more comfortable applying for a new position with my new resume thanks to Doug’s support and great work.

Carol M.
Marketing Director, Global Pharma
Bridgewater, NJ

I needed an updated resume and fast turnaround.   I reached out to Doug from ResumeStream Media who was referred by a family member.  He replied within an hour from my initial inquiry for help and completed a thorough resume re-vamp within a few days.

The real gift that Doug has in my opinion is his ability to simplify and streamline accomplishments in a way that a “fast scan” will make a resume stand out.  He makes it interesting to read and pulls out the very thing the hiring manager is looking for which focuses on accomplishments and qualifications.

This is not a skill that we all have and leveraging his expertise is the best money I spent all year on myself and my career.  I highly recommend Doug from ResumeStream Media even if you think your resume is already “pretty good” as I promise you he can take it to an entirely new level.

Edward M.
Director, Demand Generation and Marketing Strategy
Boston, MA

Working with Doug from ResumeStream Media has been a real pleasure from start to finish.

After a thorough interview, Doug was able to dig through my old resume and find nuggets of gold and take my old, tired resume and give it a much needed jolt of life!

With a fantastic turn-around time, I highly recommend ResumeStream Media’s services in a heartbeat.

Pamela N.
Technology Sales Advisor/Microsoft Platforms
Orlando, FL

My resume expert Doug from ResumeStream Media did a terrific job on organizing and analyzing my 31 years of employment in a summarizing, elegant format.

I started writing my resume and quickly realized I was going nowhere fast, hence I was in the need of an expert to put the pieces together. Doug not only made my professional career come together on a resume; he also made my LinkedIn Page concise and to the point

My brother referred me to Doug, he is very personable and explains everything with great detail.

I would HIGHLY recommend Doug to all my friends and family.

Thanks for the first-class service on an outstanding resume and LinkedIn page. Thank You Doug!

Jason B.
Paralegal and Technical Support Analyst
Syosset, N.Y.

I’ve been using the same format for my resume since roughly college. After law school and four years in the professional workplace, I found that I was often being over-looked by recruiters and HR staff. The formatting and content of my resume, quite frankly, did not reflect my key strengths and skills as an employee, and moreover, often glossed over major accomplishments and competencies.

After a brief consultation with Doug from ResumeStream, he tailored my resume to not only reflect my professional skills in more accurate and visually appealing way, but also to tie my varied work experience across three different industries to make a cohesive narrative.

During our consultation, he provided valuable tips on both garnering attention from recruiters, as well as how to modify my resume to attract the kind of companies and positions that fit my skill-set, and most importantly, my personality and background.

Tim C.
Estate and Property Manager
Sea Cliff, N.Y.

I provided Doug from ResumeStream Media with current resume and a one day urgent deadline to provide me with a professional product for a high-paying position in the property management field.

He reframed the entire layout, created a brilliant summary of my core skills and rearranged the content in a cogent narrative that speaks directly and professionally to anyone in a hiring position. I have read several books and attended workshops on resume writing and could never deliver a resume as powerful as the one he created for me. (You can’t teach this stuff).

His service is an invaluable tool that I firmly believe will get you past the gatekeepers to an interview. The rest is up to you!!

Thank you Doug, my friend and colleague for over 20 years.

Matthew T.
Senior Director, Marketing Strategy
Long Island, N.Y.

Doug from ResumeStream Media took the time to review my skill set, my objectives and my career highlights. He packaged this experience into a dynamic, modern resume that is attractive to HR personnel and headhunters.

His passion for this is clearly evident by the effort he applies to the project. He took what is typically an arduous task and turned it into a very positive experience for me.

Scott F.
Senior Support and Development Engineer
Centerport, N.Y.

Two weeks ago I found myself in the position of having to put together my resume.  It has been 20+ years since I last had to do that.  Working with Doug was a pleasure.  He was available whenever I wanted to work on my resume.  He assisted in organizing my thoughts, putting them to paper and producing a top-notch resume.  He also assisted in fixing up my Linkedin profile.

I would definitely recommend Doug for anyone looking to put together a resume!

Diane Z.
Medicare Utilization Resource Manager

Charlotte, N.C.

Doug from ResumeStream was amazing. His knowledge, sense of humor, and delivery were all excellent. He provided useful information that was extremely helpful in my career growth. He restructured my résumé and set me up with LinkedIn, which is must for top talent. He then challenged me to reframe my accomplishments in the reality of what I did and how it impacted the business.

The result was a résumé that was a strong statement of my strengths and accomplishments which resulted in a new opportunity for me, where I am now managing 18 people for a fast-growing healthcare Medicare service firm. The process helped me to describe myself better on interviews as well. Very grateful! I would highly recommend ResumeStream, knowing the services provided will be outstanding.

Kevin L.
Senior Principal, Analyst Relations and Marketing Strategy
Hampton Bays, N.Y.

Doug from ResumeStream Media was able to quickly build on my existing resume, identifying the key success factors and experiences employers would be looking for while removing irrelevant points that didn’t hammer home the core message that I needed to develop.

He stuck to the established deadline and was open to my suggestions and questions, resulting in a first-rate resume.

Stefan M.
Tampa, FL
Director, Marketing Operations and Strategy

Working with Resume Stream allowed me to focus on the parts of my resume that I know, without having to worry about the others. The process was simple and end result was a fresh updated resume!

Dina T.
Manchester, N.H.
Marketing Strategist

The entire resume development process from start to finish was seamless. Quick turnaround of finished product and the best quality I’ve seen!

Doug from ResumeStream Media is a true professional who offers great career guidance and advice as well. Highly recommend!

Robert H.
Director, Sales and Business Development, Federal Accounts
Washington, D.C.

During my job search, I turned to ResumeStream Media to assist with my content, format and layout for my resume.  The goal was to ensure I was maximizing the presentation of everything I’d accomplished in my career and education.  I wanted to make sure it was as presentable and professional as possible.

The process working with Doug and ResumeStream couldn’t have been easier.  I submitted my old resume, worked with them through a few questions and within a few days I was presented was an outstanding finished product.

I now have the confidence approaching my job search that my resume is prepped and ready to go like a perfectly tailored suit.  Thanks again ResumeStream Media!

Stephanie B.
Medical Transcriptionist/Braille Specialist
Green Cove Springs, FL

It was an absolute pleasure working with Doug, who definitely has a talent for what he does. Doug was very professional and friendly in our communications. Turnaround time was extremely quick and efficient and saved me hours of time. My finished resume was very appealing and informative. He far surpassed my expectations.

I would highly recommend ResumeStream to anyone in need of his services.

Kerry F.
Senior User Experience Specialist
Calverton, N.Y.

Doug from ResumeStream did an outstanding job on my resume.  His turn-around time was amazing. Doug knew what job experiences of mine to emphasize and highlight, as well as what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for. Doug took the time to work with me to understand my current and past roles, my goals and skills.  He took all of my current and past job information and turned it into a sharp, organized, readable, eye-catching resume. Working with Doug was a great experience.

To top it off, I showed my new resume to a manager friend who said it is one of the best resumes she has ever seen.

Andrea L.
Senior Marketing Manager, Field Marketing
Long Island, N.Y.

Doug did an outstanding job developing a dynamic resume where he works closely with you to ensure that he highlights your job skills, strengths and contributions.

He is very approachable and professional and I would highly recommend ResumeStream Media to anyone looking to advance their career.

Thanks again Doug!

Patrick D.
Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agent

Southampton, N.Y.

I want to thank Doug from ResumeStream Media for such a well done job composing my resume.

I approached Doug to format my past experiences into something that made sense to present to a prospective employer and I must say he exceeded my expectations.   I’ve known Doug for many years and always admired his work ethic in the corporate world,  so I knew that the resume would be professionally done.

Thanks again for a tremendous job, I will spread the word to others!

Joseph T.
Home Depot
Suffern, N.Y.

Doug from ResumeStream Media was extremely friendly, thorough and helpful in guiding me through the resume development process.  He quickly delivered a resume solution that helped me connect with a great company and get me back into the workforce.

Not only did ResumeStream Media help craft a structure for me, they also helped develop additional value-added content that I didn’t even think of to leverage which would be important to prospective employers.  Thank you Doug, I greatly appreciate your help, nice job!

Melissa C.
New York State DMV Title and Registration Specialist
Yaphank, N.Y.

My experience with Doug from ResumeStream was exceptional.  He isn’t just there for the paycheck.  He really makes it a priority to be there for you during your job quest.  He’s quick to update your resume and cover letter and answer any questions or concerns.

I didn’t initially feel that I needed assistance with my resume.  My father pushed for me to get a second opinion.  My previous resume which I felt was beyond acceptable, when compared to what Doug prepared for me, was the difference between a finger painting on construction paper and an actual work of art.

In the future, I will not hesitate to contact Doug for any resume needs or advice.  His resources and products are invaluable.  I feel that everyone could use his assistance.  He’s a real down to earth guy and puts you at ease right away while maintaining his professionalism.  I give Doug and ResumeStream Media ten stars **********!

Jim R.
Certified Life Insurance Underwriter and Procurement Specialist
Seal Beach, CA

My experience with Doug Wald from ResumeStream Media was second-to-none.  Doug is a true professional and an amazing writer.

Thanks for your help in creating the perfect resume for me.

Lance I.
International Public Affairs Analyst
Washington, D.C.

The services that I have received from ResumeStream Media have been astounding.  The promptness and accuracy received from Doug have met and exceeded my expectations.  Being able to communicate my vision and have someone digest it, and express it precisely are what I have found to be the most rewarding aspects of working with Doug from ResumeStream.

This has truly been a pleasurable experience, and one that I would recommend to any individual seeking to take their professional credentials to the next level.

Lisa M.
Bucks County, PA

Doug from ResumeStream just completed my new and much improved resume today. I am so impressed by this man and his service. In a very short period of time he seemed to figure out exactly what my resume should look like and went right to work to perfect it.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants an extremely impressive resume. Looking forward to landing a great job!


Stefan P.
Principal, Digital Marketing, EMEA and APJ
CA Technologies

Munich, Germany

I had the privilege of being on Doug’s team during his tenure as a Senior Director at a global IT company. What was so special about his management style was the appreciation that he expressed to each individual team member.

Always being approachable and responsive, Doug provided continuous feedback that helped me to develop my own style and, in turn, become more aware of the individual strengths of my co-workers. Doug helped me not only with my personal development but also to become a better team player.

Jeremiah O.
IT Application Developer
CA Technologies

Philadelphia, PA

I’ve known Doug from ResumeStream Media for over a decade.  He’s been many things to me:  a boss, coach, mentor and friend.  Doug’s insight into workplace relationships, politics and etiquette has been an invaluable lesson that has helped me grow my career thus far, and will serve me in the years to come.

Doug’s guidance has shown me that how I handle interpersonal relationships and my own outlook and attitude is as important as any technical skill in the workplace.  He has always been honest and candid, and helped me grow by finding weaknesses to improve upon, and helping to foster my strengths.

Atul S.
Enterprise Solutions – Partner Sales

New York, N.Y.

It is my extreme pleasure to provide a reference for Doug at ResumeStream Media. I have known Doug for 14 years now and can definitely say that he is ‘one of a kind’.

Doug was my first manager at CA Technologies and he was very welcoming to me as a new employee, extremely helpful in getting me up to speed not only on my job requirements but also on the overall culture at the company. It seemed to me that there was not a single person I met at CA Technologies who did not know Doug and did not think highly of him! Doug has this amazing ability to connect with people at a personal level, understand what drives them and become a ‘confidant’.

Doug is also very good at coaching, mentoring and helping employees develop in their career. He helped me move into my next role at CA Technologies and his inputs and encouragement were invaluable

Michael Z.
IT Project Manager
CA Technologies

Chapel Hill, N.C.

Doug from ResumeStream Media is a rare find in a sea of frequently changing executive talent. For 11 years, I worked directly with Doug on several global web site redesigns for our corporate site, including a couple of major rebrands.

Doug personifies “Lead by Example” and encourages his team and others to always work towards our common goals and individually push our limits.

Most importantly, Doug showed loyalty and trust to his team and our organization. He mentored at least 20 of my colleagues over the decade-plus that we worked together, and he is a mentor to me. He made me a better individual contributor, a better teammate, and a better leader.

Pravin D.
Digital Marketing, Team Lead – Production
eClerx, Ltd.
Mumbai, India

I worked with Doug for more than 6 years as a vendor. He is a great client who possesses exceptional leadership and people management qualities.

During that time, Doug proved to be incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and acted as a mentor for both internal and my extended team. He always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating his ideas to the rest of the team. I was always in awe of Doug’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. Most importantly he acted as a mentor and a coach for most of people around, including my team.

To this day, we call him “Godfather” of our world! I would highly recommend Doug!

Kaushal B.
Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy
Streebo, Inc.
Mumbai, India

I had the privilege of working with Doug during my tenure at eClerx. During that time, Doug was instrumental in guiding our teams through the Web operations at CA. His efforts

are always selfless, placing the interests of his organization ahead of his own.

Equally impressive is his mastery of the art of networking, which can be chalked up to being detail-oriented, highly responsive and genuinely great person!

Doug has an exceptional work ethic, ability to stay cool under fire, and great ability to drill down to the root of the problem,  His cross vertical and industry knowledge is complimented nicely with his business and technical expertise.

He brings in ability to nurture amazing team relationships and simultaneously mentor / coach his teams. His enthusiasm and charm is infectious and I am glad to count him as one of the best friends I’ve had!

Josephine P.
Digital Marketing Specialist – Corporate Communications
Central Islip, N.Y.

I’ve known Doug from ResumeStream Media for over 18 years and have had the privilege of knowing him on a professional and personal level. Doug is resourceful and very supportive as a manager. You can always rely on Doug to come through for the team – he’s been the go-to guy, the “my door is always open” approachable guy, personable and a fun person to be around who loves life.

Doug is very well-rounded and had been an excellent manager while I was on his teams, I am extremely grateful to have worked with him.

Bonnie Y.
Associate General Counsel and Privacy Officer
CA Technologies

Islandia, N.Y.

I have worked with Doug from ResumeStream for about 25 years and I find him to be exceptionally responsive, courteous, efficient and all-around terrific at what he does.

Doug has helped me out on numerous occasions throughout the years, and always with a smile. He’s a great guy to have on your team.

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